Returning to the fold


Hi there

I’ve returned to the Ducati fold having owned a 748E some years ago. My new steed is a 2004 model 999s which I bought in Dec last year with 3, yes 3 miles on it! I’ve now managed to get it up over the 100 mile mark and thus far it’s lovely.

A few questions if I may:

  1. I’ve checked it and the suspension is on the standard settings. I’m 14 stone (With riding gear on) so does anyone have any suggestions as to any improvements?

  2. Thus far she doesn’t seem to need any choke/fast idle lever when starting, even when cold. Is this normal?

Thanks and I look forward to gleaning plenty of useful info from here.


Nice bike, if it starts without it leave it.

The best advise is set the suspension up how you like it, set it full soft and try it, full hard thne try it and then somewhere in the middle should be fine !!! That s what I did anyway.

People tend to put their suspension on the hard side because it’s more ‘sporty’. However in the real world this means that it spends less time on contact with the (bumpy) road, consequently you end up with less grip and worse roadholding when cornering!

I agree with Martyn, have a play, but remember where the standard settings are so that you can get back to a known point.