Reversed pantah heads on 750 sport

Hi, i’m an new forum member,
I have an ducati sport 750 year 90, so with the paso motor, now with teh mikuni carb of an 900

Now i’ve bought an set of pantah heads with standing cilinder head carb to the rear, the fantastic style head
the (empty) heads still have the original valve seats , so no rockers, no camms, no valves, and bore 82mm.

my sport has stock 88 mm’s, can i ask advice for modifying the heads, concernig valve size, rocker types to look for, and efficiënt camms , i’v heard ST2 camms work well but do they fitt or do i have to modify ?
do the standard belts and belt poulies fitt or wil i have to modify the belt tensioners ???

So many exiting questions looking forward for an real exciting project !!!