Revived email list

Since the demise of the old email list, which clashed somewhat badly with a spam filter, it’s been a bit hit and miss.
However, I am now doing final tests on a new version, which should be available within the next week or so. If possible I will let all the old list members know individually, but will also post progress here, so keep watching.

Re - The DOC Email List

After several months of intermittent service, I am pleased to advise you that the list has been resurrected as a new service.
Regrettably, we could not get any new version of the old list to work reliably, so this is a brand new one starting from scratch.
To get involved again, please log in to the Memberzone, and go to the “Email list” page. From there it is a simple sign-up process and you’re off and running again.

See you all in cyberspace…