Ride to Ducati factory

HI everyone, I am thinking of doing a solo ride to the Ducati factory at some point in the summer, I just wondered if anyone else has done this trip by bike and know of any B&B’ or hotels on route that are secure and biker friendly ? I am thinking of taking the route that goes via Geneva and Turin, any advice or help appreciated , Keith .

Hello Keith.
We did the factory tour on the way to WDW last year, we went via France - central Switzerland and Lake Como, so a bit to the east of where your heading for.
having said that here are the best places we stopped on the way.

France - Hotel Ibis Valenciennes - Secure gated courtyard and there’s nice restaurant on the corner of the road.
Switzerland - Gästehaus Seeblick Spiez - Strange mix of underground WW2 bunker and James Bond supervillain agricultural college, fairly secure parking on Lake Thun.
Italy - Hotel Bellavista Valmadrera Lake Como - Lovely people, restaurant, and secure parking in the hotel garage, lovely views on the lake.
Bologna - Hotel Borgo Panigale - park round the back, fairly secure, over the road from the factory, nice place, our favorite spot for a factory visit, ask about the Randagio restaurant down the road when your there.

Don’t forget to book you factory tour and visit, you can’t just turn up.
And lastly if you’re a full DOC GB and registered Factory DOC member with you cards the visit is free.

Kevin Baker
DOCGB Memsec

Quite a few DOC GB members have written in ‘Desmo’ about various trips to Italy, you may find their articles useful (back issues of the mag are on the website www.docgb.org)
One thing to remember - the Ducati Factory is closed for holidays during August!
Enjoy the planning and your trip :slight_smile:

Thanks Kevin and Desmo , appreciate the replies ! Thank you .

You’re welcome - that’s what the club is all about :slight_smile: