Riding in France 2013 - Corrected post

Driving or riding in France? Good and bad news!

Good news: it’s no longer mandatory to carry a breathalyzer!

Bad news: from mid March the French will deploy unmarked speed radar cars. Do 10 percent above the speed limit and you’re done!

And it’s also a requirement to carry spare bulbs, even if there’s no hope in hell of fitting them without a fully kitted garage and a degree in nuclear physics.

But it’s no longer mandatory to wear reflective clothing - contrary to what I had initially posted here. Sorry about that.

Great information, you can now buy a small bib with reflective Ducati, not as full on as hi viz, worth a look.

I’ve covered 10’s of thousands of miles in France over the last 30+ year. I’ve always carried a spare set of bulbs, enough tools to carry out small repairs and maintenace.
Years back I even used to carry tyre levers and a spare inner tube.
Roadside repairs have inc’ changing gearbox sprocket area seals, reg/rec change and rewire on my 900SS Bevel and a holed piston on a RD350YPVS Yamaha.

Steve R