Roger the Racer - Team 'Never Prepared' - 2008

I’m going to be racing my (hopefully) trusty 250 widecase again this year.

The intention is to go to all the Wirral 100 Club meetings (Oulton and Anglesey), all of the Preston and District meeting (Three Sisters and Teeside) and some or all of the Aintree club meetings (Aintree). I’ve listed all the meetings for these clubs below.

I’ll mainly run just in the Classics 250 classes but I might do the Open 250 class again with P&D club (as I finished 2007 in 3rd place).

I may add in a couple of CRMC meetings, not sure yet. I’ve not put them in the list yet.

Sat 15 Anglesey - W100 test day
Sun 16 Anglesey - W100 Round 1

Sun 23 Teesside - P&D Round 1 *** CANCELLED ***
Mon 24 Teesside - P&D Round 2 *** CANCELLED ***

Sat 12 Oulton - W100 Round 2

Fri 25 Anglesey - CRMC Practice
Sat 26 - Sun 27 Anglesey - CRMC

Mon 5 Three Sisters - P&D Round 3

Wed 7 Aintree - Test day

Sat 17 Aintree - Aintree Round 1

Mon 26 Anglesey - W11 Round 3

Sat 14 Aintree - Aintree Round 2
Sun 15 Three Sisters - P&D Round 4

Sat 12 Aintree - Aintree Round 3

Sat 19 Three Sisters - P&D Round 5
Sun 20 Three Sisters - P&D Round 6

Sat 26/Sun 27 Auglesey - W100 Round 4

Sat 9 Aintree - Aintree Round 4

Sat 20 Aintree - Aintree Round 5
Sun 21 Three Sisters - P&D Round 7

Sat 4 Anglesey - W100 Round 5
Sun 5 Anglesey - W100 Round 6

Sat 18 Oulton - W100 Round 7

There may be another P&D meeting at Teesside in October.

Hope to see a few more of you at this years meetings.
Will try to remember to post a message before each meeting to confirm my attendance.



Good Luck Roger.
I’ll be coming to support you whenever I can.

Hopefully see you getting some 1st Places this season…

Cheers Paul.

I’m hoping to finish 2008 in the top 3 with both the Preston and Wirral clubs.

I’m not so competitive at Aintree as I loose out a bit with top speed on the straight - I’m better at corners!
This might change in 2009 as I should be running a lighter bike by then, but I’ll fill you in on that a bit later in the year.




it’s about time I came and watched so might make one of the Anglesey or Teeside rounds later this year. Best of luck and thanks for looking at those wheels for me.

Not long now until the start of the season.

I’ve edited the race listing at the start of this thread - the Wirral 100 club meeting which was listed as 6/7 September has now moved to 4/5 October.

With the end of February rapidly approaching and two meetings scheduled for March (the first on Anglesey on the 15th/16th) the bike currently has no forks, no back wheel, I’ve still got to finish fixing the rearsets, etc, etc, :open_mouth:
I’m living up to my team name - Never Prepared!!! :unamused:

Hope to see a few more of you at the circuits this year.



P.S. If anyone has any bits they don’t want, I’m on the look out for a piston and cam to put into a spare engine.

Price has to be cheap as I’m just about to give the rest of my bank account to Maxton in exchange for sorting my forks out! Hopefully they won’t act quite as much like pogo sticks!!!



I’m sorry to say that Preston & District Club have had to cancel th Teeside meeting in March. They couldn’t get a clerk of the course. All other meetings are still on.

I’ve edited the race listing at the start of this thread.

The bike’s just about ready for my first meeting at Anglesey this weekend (March 15-16).

Hope to see a few of you at the circuits this year.



Forks to Maxton !!! Gotta be an improvement - from what I saw last year they’d have been better welded up :laughing:

Best of luck with this season, and don’t let the modern (!1980’s!) 2 strokes dishearten you - if the races lasted 10 laps they’d run out of fuel before the end :smiley: This weekend at Anglesey falls on a bit of a busy day, with the eggrun in the morning, and I’ve got a Bull Terrier Rescue meet at Abergele in the afternoon, but still hoping to get there and offer the only club member who (to the best of my humble knowledge!) is using his Duc for the purpose for which it was designed, a bit of support … from there on in, you’ll def. be seeing my ugly mug at the Oulton/Aintree/Wigan meetings… :open_mouth:

Cheers, all support greatly appreciated. It’s always good when fellow club members come along.
I’ve put a couple of articles in to go into Desmo and I’ll submit race reports for the mag as the year progresses as well as putting them on the forum.

I’ve got sponsorhip from Barry and Angela Jones of Classic Ducati this year to help towards my entry fees (running with 3 clubs is getting expensive).
Barry’s planning on puting a bike together for me to race in 2009! :smiley:

Front end was getting a bit on the scary side on the fast bends at Anglesey at the end of last year! :open_mouth:
Maxton have given them a good sorting (in return for a big wedge of dosh) so it’s feeling better already :wink: It might take me a while to fine tune them.
I’ll post a report on Anglesey shortly.



PS In 2007 my final results were:
4th Preston and District - Classics up to 250.
3rd Preston and District - 250cc (open class).
2nd ACU North West Centre - Classic
1st ACU North West Centre - Single Cylinder

In relation to those absolutely fantastic results you were awarded the Nepoti trophy, donated and made by Ains Casson, I hope you have a big shelf as it is a mightily impressive trophy, kept for 1 year.

I will bring it to branch meeting and present it to you there, Ains should hopefully be there also, I took it to Birmingham and I am delighted to bring it back to M Battalion…

How’d Anglesey go Rog? Slave cylinder problem stopping me doing anything more than short journeys without remedial action so couldn’t get all the way there (ended up going to Abergele by car instead :frowning: ) - from what I heard, good job I didn’t attempt the Egg ‘Crawl’ either …

Was that you on yer Darmah in Great Sankey about 4:30pm? The dolt dawdling around the roundabout on the 900SS checking you were ok was me, but as it looked like you’d got going, then pulled into the West End garage, I tootled off home, which is only about a mile from there - I figured, as the bloke (and his son) who runs that garage is a far better bike mechanic than me, I’d leave them to it if it was anything serious…
… and if it wasn’t you, who in the Sankey area’s got a proper bike like that ?

And a quick one for Mr Rose here (if you don’t mind me borrowing yer thread for a sentence pelase Roger) On the subject of the eggrun - I know the bloke with the 900SS who you left a card on the screen of… he’ll be applying for DOCGB membership over the Easter so, good spot!

I’ll post my Anglesey results on the other thread in a few minutes.

Not me you saw. I’ve not been out on the Darmah SSD since last Thursday (when it rained!).
Was it a standard Darmah or the SS version? Not many of them about!



Not that gen’d up on bevels - could’ve been an SS - does that mean it’s got a nose fairing?.. only got a quick glance and noticed he was trying to kickstart it at a junction (so it wasn’t a modern replica)… but the nose fairing and colour scheme were the same as the one on the pic on the Memberszone homepage, which I thought was yours… before I passed, he’d got it going, then drove into the aforementioned garage… I might call in over the weekend and ask if they knew him…

I’ve put an old photo of the Darmah on the ‘Place your pics here’ section of the forum.
The Darmah SS is always blue with the half fairing. No kickstart. Not many about - they only made them for a couple of years.
A lot more of the standard Darmahs were made. I’m pretty sure that most of these had both a kickstart and a starter motor.



I’ve now added April 25-27 at Anglesey to my race programme for this year.
This will be my first meeting with the CRMC. I’m doing this meeting with a view to racing with the CRMC throughout next year - just wanted to see what the meetings are like as a bit of a taster.
I don’t think that I’ve got enough time to do any other meetings with them this year though.



Plan is to get to Oulton on 12th (although it is the day after me mams 70th bash … ), and Anglesey on 27th - have arranged to go to the classic show in Stafford on the Saturday 26th, where I will attempt to spend more on old Duc bits than me missus spends on shoes - so, I’ll be coming back with a MHR :laughing: D’yer want me to grab you all the 250 pistons/heads I can see? :smiling_imp:

It’ll be good to see you at the tracks.

Yes please, pick up all you can - pistons, heads, cams, cranks, wheels, brakes, fairings, oil, etc, etc, etc…

Oh yes, and if you find an extra 5mph, I’ll have one of those too :wink:



I had a quick look at the rules on mods you can make to classic racers and it says “modifications accepted as being in use during the period…” - I’m sure they knew about turbocharging in the 60’s :smiling_imp:

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