Run 888 without air box

Just working on an 888 project and was wondering if anyone or can you set the engine to run without the air box fitted. Fit some K&N filters or similar. wht would you do with the air sensor although I have heard of fitting these external to air box anyway. Just trying to run the bike with minimum of Tat on. Have not got any air boxes anyway.

Mr Southern R may help me

Hi Steve,
I’ve just spent ages answering your question only for the forum to decide that I hadn’t logged on??
which I had, it then sent me around in circles and lost the post I was trying to send FFS!

I can’t be arsed to type it all out again, give me a ring on 01579 382522 and I’ll explain the in’s and out’s of the best way forward.

Steve R

Having an airbox of some sort is actually beneficial to the engine.Why don’t you want an airbox?

Hi again Steve,
Jasper’s 100% correct here, you’d be far better off fitting one.
If you join the 851/888 forum you could then put a wanted ad in the Classified section, I’m pretty sure that a member will have a spare one kicking around, as there’s an awful lot of lads on there who’ve fitted carbon Corse airboxes*, Jasper’s one of them and I’ve got an early ‘NOS’ 3 piece carbon Corse one and ‘X’ shaped air runners waiting for me to fit.
I’d offer you my old original one, but it’s been far to modified to drop onto a standard 851/888.

  • You can actually buy brand new copies of the one piece Corse airboxes, but they cost just over £250!

Here’s a link to the best source for info and parts for the 851/888 series, it costs nothing to join or post in the Classified section.

Steve R

Thanks guys. Was going to ring you Mr R but just trying do too much as usual. I am just building one up from spares and have not got the air box and as it looks so good without one I was wondering if it would run without. Thanks for the advice and I will investigate.

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