Running in oil?

Anybody know what sort of oil Ducati would have put in my 2007 Multistrada.
Since buying it new i haven’t had the opportunity to put enough miles on it to put a synthetic in like Motul 300V that goes in my ST4S.
I really need to do an oil and filter change so anybody any ideas of type and manufacturer of the oil Ducati use or should i just put some reasonable quality mineral oil in. :unamused:
Would Ducati have used a "running-in oil "?



Ducati would have used Shell Ultra semi synthetic, as it says over your filler cap, they use a special oil at the factory for the first run and then remove it and recycle it.

Hi Ian,
There’s a couple of schools of thought on running in modern tackle, I was recently ‘Flamed’ on an American Ducait site ( Ducati Superbike forum), when I said that I used a running in oil. I used Bel Ray 10/40 mineral oil as I’d always thought that if you go strait to Fully synthetic, nothing would bed in.
The yanks said go strait to fully synthetic and wack it strait on the Dyno.
This was on my rebuilt 851/916 hybrid, anyway I put it in because I’ve always run my old bevel on any cheap quality mineral oil, changing it a few times at around every 300-500 miles before putting in the good stuff, this has always worked for me.
However when my Desmoquatro engine was ready to run, it was run up the road and back, then wacked on the Dyno and redlined through the gears a few times, to set up the fueling.
I then rode it for another 150 miles changed the oil, again using the Bel Ray 10/40 mineral oil for another 500 miles, then changed to fully synthetic.
The bikes done a few thousand miles since, makes good compression and burns no noticeable amount of oil, between the 1000-1500 mile oil changes.

Steve Robins

Sorry for the belated reply. I keep getting problems logging in since the website changed. Can’t even use my old user name (ST4SABS).

Anyway thanks for the replies, much appreciated. The Multistrada website forum confirms this so i changed the oil for some semi and will change it again before winter back to Shell Advance.

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Thanks guys

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