Running voltage at battery

Hi All, any ideas?? I have an 06 s4rs. The old girl died on me just as I got to work. I was down to a flat battery.
I’ve done all the checks on the out put at the Reg / rec and the out put goes up to about 14.5volts. Thing is, the battery is allways at a around 12.4-12.6volts.
Is there another voltage regulator between the reg/rec under the seat and the battery? I’d like to not start tearing the loom apart to trace wiring?
Happy to fllow it through myself if anyone happens to have a wiring diagram.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks all

Your battery is probably dud, I would be fitting a new one. battery voltage should read around 13volts

Thank you for getting back on this.
I actually found that it was the regulator/rectifier that was failing under load ( when the output was connected to the battery). When it was disconnected it would output a reasonably steady 14.5 volts. The minute I connected it, it would fail.
I bought a new unit, fitted it and Bob’s your uncle, it was charging the system perfectly.:+1: