S4R - picked it up today

Awesome machine.

Rode it back from the dealers 63 miles all on A roads, what a hoot. Having owned a 748 for five years it took about 15 miles to get my head round how it revs. First impressions, riding position is perfect and comfortable, seat is very comfy compared to the 748, back brake pedal will take some getting used to as it is in a different position, front brake is super smooth but takes a lot of lever - I will look at new pads, I ride on my toes so my right foot kept hitting the heat shield - will have to change the way I ride, very quick steering compared to the 748, and as for power - it pours out all over the place in any gear - nearly got thrown off backwards a number of times opening it up at around 5.5k rpm (Mental note - this is NOT a 748 you don’t have to rev it). Oh and it has a full termi system including air box.

I will post some pics tomorrow as it needs a good clean now!

sounds a right hoot :smiley: . rode a s4rs earlier this year and was well impressed :mrgreen: