S4R rough running under 4000rpm

I have a 05 S4R fitted with a full Zard exhaust kit, It runs really nicely over 3-4000 rpm 30/40 mph but is a real pig under this speed, any ideas please

Partially-blocked fuel filter, may be a possibility.

Otherwise you need to work through it methodically from plugs, coils, ECU TPS etc.

As this is your first Duc or if you are not mechanically proficient it may be a good idea to get someone familiar with Ducatis, dealer or Independent - plenty of both about, to have a look at it.

Only 4 weeks to TT so get it sorted, there are lots of slow roads on the Island to suffer at 3 to 4000 RPM as well the the fast fun bits.


its going in to Moto-r in Ruthin tomorrow for a tune up, I will let you know if this improves things

Well it went in to Moto-r in Ruthin and now runs a lot better thanks to Richard. What a nice guy could not have been more helpful. I can highly recommend his services to anybody in the area

Keep us posted, hope it gets sorted out