Saxon framed singles

I’m looking for pictures of the Saxon framed race singles (or others of a similar nature - frames without the front support tube to the engine :open_mouth: ). If you have any, or know where I might get some I would be very gratefull if you could send them my way :smiley:

:nerd: Howard :nerd:

Were the Saxon frames originally supplied, or possibly even built, by Tony Brancato?
I might be totally wrong about that!



Hi Roger,
As clever as Tony is I’m pretty sure that he’s no frame builder.
I think that the original Saxon frames were basically Seely copies sold by Mick Walker and that Tony’s were copies of these frames marketed as BKM (or BRM’S) Race frames.
I remember seeing one in Tony’s showroom around 20 years ago and asking if it was a Seely?
He was most disgruntled say “No we make them ourselves”!
I think that Pat French who used to make the Rickman Metisse frames under licence as MRD? may well still make the Seely style Ducati frames, if he’s still in business??
Nigel Lacey would know for sure who makes them now, but the mere mention of his name used to send Howard into a cold sweat. :laughing:
Perhaps it’s a bit different now that Howard’s on the other side of the counter.

Steve R

I had a quick visit to Mr B’s the other week - that single is still in his possession :exclamation: :open_mouth:

I think I have a line on a suitable frame for the project racer, more news as it occurs :wink: Once you start asking around it is amazing the kit that is still available; Pierobon frames have, on the shelf, 8 widecase swing arms ready to go. 400euro apiece I think they were. :nerd:

and you are still right Mr R - it does still bring me out in a cold sweat (regardless of which side of the counter I’m standing :wink: ).

I’m pretty sure Ive seen a company making the frames, although not branded as a saxon, they looked similar. I dont know if they’re eligible though so i didnt keep the page :blush:

Pat died last year, having sold his frame buisness to a company in Faringdon, Oxfordshire some years before that. The new companys name is Metisse frames, although as far as i am aware they are not comcidering remaking the Ducati single frame that Pat made, that was actualy a very modified street Metisse frame, rather than a Saxon copy. They might be prepared to make one now but when I asked them if they could do me a scrambler frame for a 450 a few years ago they said no- which worked out well for me in the end as I got myself an RT instead!



Did you establish if Mick Walker sold seely copy frames before the Saxon frame? The italian frame seems to have a downtube on their website so is not the one you were originally looking for!

Are any of them CRMC eligible?

Are you still after pictures?


I have one… send me an e-mail and I will send you pics…

see also … ist%20.htm

Best regards,


Bit of an old thread, but I used to own a race a saxon framed single in the mid 70s. I always understood these were marketed by Mick Walker but no idea who actually made them. I bought mine as a rolling chassis from Maurice Ogier (if my hazy memory serves me right) from Jersey. It had been a hill climber and came with a rear sprocket with 60 teeth (again if memory serves me right).
I had it modified to accept my wide case desmo 250 engine and raced it in 1977 a Bemsee and Bantum clubs. It was v light and I also fitted a lockheed front disc (courtesy of Vernon Glassier ) so it stopped pretty well. (too well at times leading to a high speed off at the Surtees at Brnads -ouch!).
Frame number was 006 I recall.
Regrettably I moved it on for a TZ250 (bankruptcy) , part exchanging it (with guy from Lincolnshire) for a 750 Sport Bevel (which I still have - happy days).
Wish I still had it. (if anyone has one, let me know…)
Much more recently, while living and woking in South Australia I met Greg Bailey’s brother Darrell while racing a 350 narrow case classic down there. He has one, with a 250 motor in it. He told me of another in Queensland, but the trail went cold.
Those who remember Greg Bailey who came to the UK and worked and raced for Vic Camp, very sadly being killed at the first ‘newly re-opened’ Donnington meeting in 1977. Such a shame. lovely guy and very talented racer. Would have risen to the top I’m sure.
Motorcycle racing was a particularly unforgiving and sometime brutal sport back in the day.
Anyway, enough of my rambling…