Scottish Ducati Club

Take over of Scotland By DOC GB

Yep and about time , looking forward to seeing what DOCGB do in Scotland.

^^^ what a silly comment :rage:

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The two branches are now set up in Scotland, two organisers from Scotland in place.
Lots of plans afoot.

comment seems to be either trying to stir things up, or extremely poorly informed.

? Not sure, we have 2 branches, one for East Coast and one for West Coast of Scotland, the club is returning with branches in Scotland after a break of about 10 years, the last branch was located close to Edinburgh


Has the ‘East / West’ branches not been setup to align with the franchises / dealers(?) With Ducati Glasgow and Ducati Dundee? (Not sure when that’s scheduled to open?)

It would be nice to think that they’d also embrace the independent / specialist support (as owners also do / had to do), when ‘dealer’ support was getting a little thin on the ground.

It would be great to see a Northern Scotland branch. Guess it would be dependent on how many members are up in this area. Edinburgh and Glasgow are a good 4 hrs ride from me, so unlikely to be a viable regular meet.

If you want to try to start one, speak to the other two and let’s see what we can do ?