Service Tools

Hi there,
Does anyone have a tech drawing of an engine turning tool and the valve shim measuring pegs for a 2001 M900sie ?
Just want the measurements and i’ll make them myself. I know i could buy them but I like little projects .
Many thanks and Happy New Year …

Why don’t you use the Club’s Tool Hire service and take your measurements? Simples!

I’m 99% sure that the club’s tool hire scheme hasn’t got one of these tools? Most of the clubs tools are for much earlier models.
When I was approached to run the scheme (some time back now), I said that we needed more/later tools but it was pointed out to me (by other club members present) that most owners of later bikes never actually work on their own bikes…
I for a fact actually personally own more genuine Ducati special tools (and others specially made to do the job’s in hand) than the club holds in it’s stash.
I also own more valve shims than most of the Ducati dealers around today.

Steve R

Mr R.

I’m not able to send PM’s yet but was interested in your comment about shims. Chances are that I’ll need some for my 750 and I wondered if you were interested in doing some swaps?

Have a look at the MachineMart website and search for Ducati. They have a small but good section.

Didn’t know they did stuff…


We manufacture all kinds of specialist tooling

if your interested in any products drop me a message and I can give you a 10% discount code :slight_smile: