Should I replace my ST3

My ST3 will be eight years old this year. I love this bike I can think of nothing better but I am a bit concerned that in the next few years there may be a spares problem as so few of these were made and the 3 valve engine was only used in this bike I believe.Does anyone have any views on this ? I don’t really want to sell it but would rather do it now than wait till there is a problem.I am going to try a Hyperstrada soon to see what that is like
Philip Boobyer

Personally I think you’re worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet and probably wont anyway.
I have 4 Ducati’s the oldest being a '74 250 Desmo and the newest a '92 851*, it’s possible to find any part needed for these bikes, even though Ducati stopped making/supplying parts for them many years ago.
Two years back along my 851 was written off in an accident. Of the four pages of a jouno’s notepad of parts needed to repair her only 4 parts were still available from Ducati, but I still found all of the parts to put it back on the road in better than new condition.
Lots of parts are interchangeable between models in the Ducati range and even if the worst happened your 3 valve heads could more than likely be rebuilt.

Over the 30+ years that I’ve owned them Ducati has looked like going to the wall quite a few times, so when the opportunity to buy spares to keep my fleet going comes along I add them to my stash.
If I wanted to keep a ST3 long term I’d be on the look out for a cheap spare engine, or at least heads, barrels and pistons to tuck away now.
A mate of mine bought a crashed ST3 for not much money, removed the motor to fit in his 900SL and then sold off the rest of the ST almost covering his outlay.

*My other Ducati’s are a '79 900SS and a '91 851/888.

Steve R

Yes Steve.
It’ easier to get hold of parts for my Darmah now than it was when I bought it in '82!
Clive our treasurer has been running an ST3 for a few years now and clocked up quite a high mileage on it.
And rather than trade it in for some thing new, (he doesn’t like the Multi philistine!) he’s had Richy Llewellin at Lougi Moto strip and refurbish it for him, haven’t seen it yet but I think Clive is pleased with it.

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
ive just bought a 55 plate one !!!
theyre better be spares for it when a need them !

I don’t know what year a 55 plate is or how they work out the reg’ numbers now?
The last time I bought a new bike it was “A” reg on the 1st August '83. :unamused:
But manufacturers have a legal obligation to supply parts for their models for a certain amount of years, after that the stock usually gets sold off to specialist dealers.
But as I’ve said lots of parts are interchangeable between models, better quality parts like valves etc can be made or bought for a lot less money than the genuine parts.

Steve R

Thanks for the info. I was hoping that I would get some positive views. I really can’t find anything I like as much as the ST3. Luigi Moto have done work on my bike and I was very pleased with what they did.I would definitely go there again if need be.DOC does the business again. Membership has been really worth while .Thanks Philip Boobyer

Clive our treasurer has had a load of work done at Louigi Moto, his bike has about 50k miles on, Rich can re build engine if need be, I have a 906 and still running. Steve R also knows his stuff as much as anybody, possibly more than anybody, I would not worry about parts.

My ST2 just hit 85K today, still not selling it, great bike

ive just come across this post for what they are worth my thoughts are if you like it keep it ducati lots of nice bikes now and given the cash i would like to own 1or2 more but i wouldnt sell my st2 250 desmo and 160 monza to get them :smiley: ive done that in the past and regretted it i would love to have a st3 however as its the bike that fits right in with my reqierements economical more power than mine but not perhaps quite so twitchy power wise as the st4 ive not the others but thats my guesse