Sidestand on a Hailwood Rep

Hello All

Im going to post a picture of this to the Pics section when my very small brain works out how to do it. For now:

For those of you who, like me, are getting a bit arthritic - well Ive just bought and fitted an absolute godsend from Tony B - a sidestand that fits onto my MHR, yet still allows full fairing to be fitted, and it looks very ‘factory’ at that. Of course it doesnt make ground clearance any worse (how could it !?)

If anyone wants me to email some high res photos then plse let me know and I’d be glad to.


Hi Andrew (or anyone)

I know it been a while since you posted this and I’m quite surprised nobody has returned any posts on this side stand subject.

This is one of my only bugs with the MHR and that’s using the centre stand. If you park on a small incline or slipperyish surface… well it’s a nightmare getting it off the stand and after a long ride that’s the last thing you want to do is wrench your back pulling it back on the stand.

Do you have any details of this stand you’ve attached as I’m quite interested? Does it replace the original centre stand or can you have both?


Did not notice post either, picture of the stand would be great

Been trying to google Tony B with side stand, but not much luck.

I’ve also seen a few pictures of Hailwoods with side stands, but detail isn’t that clear.

A mate of mine has fitted a Yamaha (Ithnk) sidestand to his MHR, is just bolted to the side plate for the centre stand, works really well, I’ll ask him for some photos etc.

Brancato Engineering he’s based in Oxfordshire, here’s his phone number…01865 891203.
He’s been threatening to retire for years but you might get lucky.

I saw one of Tony’s side stands on a 900SS at the TT last year it looked very neat, as does all of tony’s work.

Steve R

I have had one of Tonys sidestands on my Hailwood for the last 3 years, easy to fit, very neat and makes the bike a lot more manageable. Still need the main stand to kickstart it though.


Bit of interest here, but still missing those elusive pictures. I’m just wondering what existing fixings could be used, if any.

As far as I can tell, we have the existing centre stand fixing and the rear lower engine mounting fixing. On my Hailwood there is also another unused hole next to the swinging arm pin. With this knowledge I could probably sort out something myself :bulb:

No problem with mine as to starting, as it is an e-start (I know, the boring one!) :neutral_face:


My Mille came with the side stand as original. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi lads,just joined the forum from Australia,I own quite a lot of bevels that are ex Japan and all have an excellent side stand,I believe they were fitted as standard to all MHR’s sold new in Japan,which was a lot.They are mounted near the centre stand and do not interfere with it at all,they are also excellent.PM me if you images,haven’t figured out how to load images on this forum yet.
Cheers Craig.

PLease see my post re. UK chassis number on MHR.

Hi Craig,

Really appreciate the input and any images would be of great help. I’m pretty sure that when replying there is an “Img” option at the top of the reply page. If this doesn’t work, I’m sure that we can come up with another method.

As for your other post regarding the chassis number, my Hailwood doesn’t show any such markings, but I did originally import it from Germany, which probably doesn’t help any. (I also made similar comment on your chassis number thread)


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