Silent Hektik

Hello again all

Im very soon starting a build of a 900ss Bosch square case motor (kick start only) which is going into a ‘special’

Right about now Im at the point where I need to make a decision about what ignition system to run/where to spend my money. I have been looking recently at the Silent Hektik ignition system as an alternative to the standard Bosch set up. Has anyone on here has had any experience of the S/Hektik system ? I’d much appreciate some feedback if you have.

S/Hektik is expensive yes, but then so are all the Bosch etc. parts I would if I kept it standard (as I am starting from scratch) - in fact I reckon theres not much in it cost-wise between the two.

Other than S/Hektik is anyone aware of any other aftermarket systems that may (or may not) represent an ‘‘alternative’’ or even an ‘‘improvement’’ to the standard Bosch set up for these engines ?
I recall Lucas-Rita offered something, but think that was for earlier round case motors ?

Thanks and Regards