sizes too small or not?

Hello, and greetings to all. I hope that someone can please advise me. I am hoping to aquire a ducati, but have to date not been able to find a suitable model that is not too small for my 6 foot 2 size. I like the look of the 1995 900 supersports; and have noticed that the more modern up to date supersports machines seem relatively small. Can anyone please advise me? thanks

Hi Tony,
Don’t know if this will help much but I’m approx. 6’1" tall and about 13st. I ride both a 1995 900ss and a 1995 916.
From my point of view both bikes are small and light and that’s the attraction, leaving aside the engine noise and characteristics :laughing:
The 900ss is a lot more roomy, as you would expect and is pretty much an all day ride. The 916 is extremely more committed but again I have ridden long hours in the saddle and the position has only been a pain crawling through towns. This is pretty much accepted by everyone who has ridden a 916 or derivative around towns/heavy traffic!
I would get some test rides or get to a local meet and chat to owners, how about the Multistrada? Certainly the next addition for me, and that is definitely not a small bike!! :laughing:
Happy Hunting :smiley:

I am 6ft 1" tall and have a range of Ducatis (check out my signature). The smallest, in the sense of riding position, is the 998 but even that I can ride comfortably. My 1994 900SS is a very comfortable bike. I have a friend that is at least 6ft 4" and he also finds the 900SS comfortable.

There are quite a few racers over 6 foot who have ridden Ducatis over the years. So actually fitting is not an issue.

The sports bikes of the range (and I include the ss’s here) are made for going quick so are built for maintaining streamline forms not for long comfortable rides.

I suspect your problem is actually one of comfort not actually being able to fit, and now being the wrong side of 40 myself I can fully sympathise that the 916 etc are a challenge on the knees, back, neck and arms. But all this goes away when you get that series of corners sorted :stuck_out_tongue: