Southern Rally 2009

I’ve now posted the details for this years Southern Rally in the Events section. Now I need to call on the CoM for some assistance with the organising of this event. I will need a marquee in case of the horrendous weather that we encountered last year. I seem to remember someone at the AGM saying that Ains Casson had one? If so maybe he or someone else would be prepared to lend it for the weeknd? Next up, regalia. Paul, is it possible that we could have some to sell? Also do you have anything suitable for me to award as prizes? Last but not least, Jilly and Laura. Can I please have some full page adverts in Desmo similar to the ones for the Merlin Rally?

AOB: Martyn, mr. Chairman, sir. If you want me to do the Ricky Gervais dance you’d better be prepared to buy me LOTS of beer :stuck_out_tongue:

Might be best if you contact Ains direct, Chris, I’m seem to think that he brought a lot of his own stuff to events as he got fed-up with asking for the club stuff and not getting anything - so he paid for his own banner etc.

Rally ad - no problem, will do (thought we had discussed it already?)