Southern Rally Reminder

Just a quick reminder for all those intending to come to the Southern Rally this year. I need your ticket money with me asap. This serves two purposes:

  1. I can let Newlands campsite know the numbers so that they can organise the camping space and buffet.
  2. I can sort out the catering arrangements for the Friday night BBQ and organise awards, souvenirs etc.

Just to remind you all, the ticket price this year is £35 per head. For this you get:

Two nights camping (chalets, caravans and rooms are also available but you will need to organise these direct with Newlands).
Friday night BBQ and drinks.
Saturday night buffet, awards and entertainment.
Bacon rolls, tea and coffee on Saturday and Sunday morning.
Rally souvenir (subject to sufficient numbers attending).
Free use of the indoor swimming pool.

So, what are you waiting for? You can send cheques made payable to me (Chris Calton) to:

45 East Wyld Road,

If you need any further information please ring me on 01305 773990 (home), 07816371857 (mobile) or email me at

Hi Chris,

cheque is in the post for 1 this weekend

We’ve already got ours, see you there!

Cheers guys,

Should be a good one.


Hi Chris,
Nessie’s operation is scheduled for the 9th of September, so hopefully I’ll be able to make your rally.
Even if it’s just a ride up for the day.
I’m still deep in the financial mire, but will be floating some parts on E-Bay over the next few days/weeks to try and lighten the burden…
Perfect 900SS Imola cams (no longer available) for £250 anyone?

Steve R

Hi Steve,

How about this for an elegant solution. I’ll have them off you, send you a ticket for the rally (value £35) and pay you the balance in September and voila spending and beer money. Alternatively I can just send hard cash now. :laughing:


Sold to the skinny man from Weymouth!

I’ll be in touch Chris, I’ll confer with Nessie when she gets back from her allotment, I’m on cooking duty tonight…
Tomatoes,corgettes,onions,garlic (all organic Nessie produce) combined with mushies, trimmed dry cured bacon,diced ‘Low Fat’ frankfurters, mixed herbs and a Blo*dy good helping of Tobasco sauce.
It’s all on a slow simmer now, I’ll serve it with fresh Spinach Tagliatelle and grated Low Col’ cheese over the top!
Scrummy and very low in Colesterol/saturated fats, it’s smells wonderfull! :sunglasses:
I can’t wait for supper time to come around.

Hold up Nessie’s just come through the back door asking what the wonderfull smell is?
She’s just said I can go to the rally…Result.
Could you send me a ticket and a cheque for the balance on the cams and I’ll bring them upto the rally?

Cheers, :smiley:

The skinny Steve R…
Still under 13 stone (12st 12lbs*) after the TT and the early summer’s excess’s!
*Spot on the Quack’s target weight!

No worries Steve. I’ll get them in the post for you. Also, mental note to self: Must pop round yours for tea sometime, it sounds wonderful! Give my regards to Ness and all the best for her op.