Southport Biker - New to Ducati, New to DOCGB,


After many years biking on a variety of Japanese, German & British machines of all shapes & sizes I took a Multistrada 950 out for a test ride & I was hooked.

That was 3 weeks ago, I’m now the proud owner of a shiny new Multi & am loving every minute.

Thanks for accepting me into DOCGB, looking forward to the joys of Ducati ownership :smiley:

Local to me then and the Manchester branch, we will be using the forum more but check out Facebook Manchester branch page.

Thanks Martyn, will do :+1:

Hi Southport Biker,

Congrats on an excellent choice of bike. I take it Russ sold it to you? He must make a fortune on commission. Hopefully the weather will improve shortly and you can make the most of it. If you want to make the most of its ability and yours you may want to consider joining Sefton IAM. Great bunch of blokes. Organised rideouts. Even a few Multi owners like me. I have a 2014 PP. They work on the road and the track.
Have fun. Menace 61

Forget to mention another great site for you,

I went on a European Trip with them in 2015 and bumped into Ruben Xaus who was fantastic. Spent lots of time with us and signed everything.

Thanks, yes it was Russ, got a great deal. I’m a member with IAM and did my test with the Sefton group some years ago. I’ve had one ride out through, met up at the Bike Museum and a short ride into Warwickshire. Definitely looking forward to some better weather