spaggeti for dinner


:laughing: Yeah been there done that Keef.
I see that you’re still going with the Electrex RR51?
What happened there I thought that you’d given up on them?
I’ve still got one on my old Bevel, but I’ve gone over to the 916 Shindengen units on my 851/888’s after one too many RR51’s bit the dust…
They slowly but surely started to overcharge the battery, (I spotted this because I have a Lascar volt meter fitted in the fairing nose) then one day I was sat beside my bike doing some work when I noticed the sound of the stator frying, even though the bike was turned off!
The battery was back feeding into the alternator via the RR51.
I popped on a 916 Shindengen unit I had laying around and the problem went away.

Steve R