Spaggy's 900SS

And here’s the 900SS I rescued from this trader at last year’s Classic Bike Show.

Bit of a bargain and only need a couple of hundred quids worth of bits to get it all running nicely.

Looking very nice Spaggy.

Another tasty bike!

It was until I lent it my brother (ham-fisted Triumph owner) who did this to my clutch!
clutch (1)L.jpg
It looks like a weld let go on one of the spring posts, with colateral damage to the casing. So a new hub was required.

It was £60 for a second hand casing or £100 for a shiny new gold anodised ventillated jobbie, so you can guess which one I’ve gone for.
Then, of course, it needed a shiny new pressure plate…etc…etc…etc
Once it’s all back in one piece I’ll post a new pic with the pretty bits on.

Never seen that happen before!

You haven’t got a brother with a Triumph Kev!

Ahhh… that’ll be it :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So…seeing as it was pretty knackered, I had to get some new bits anyway, so it got treated to some bling.
First, the hub was replaced and the new pressure plate and springs went on.
new clutch (4) (Custom).JPG
Then the ventilated cover
new clutch (1) (Custom).JPG
And with the plastic all back in place it looks like this.
new clutch (1) (Custom).JPG
And it works! Phew!
But for some reason (although the preview is OK) the first and last pics appear to have got swapped…mystified of Staffordhire…
Read it upside down!

The Australian version? :wink:

To replace the pic that has mysteriously disappeared!

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To replace the pics that have mysteriously disappeared!
The clutch repairs, and how it looked after I treated it to some bling.

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