Spaggy's Paso (no1)

I guess in the interests of fairness and all that, I should also add my others to the piccy parade, so this is my 906 just before I sling it up the road at Cadwell, at a DOC track day.

And this was me getting Mansfield wrong.

Having wrecked most of the original and spare bodywork I had in a variety of unfortunate circumstances (like see above) I have treated the old gal to a new coat of paint, so she looks a little better for it now.
Other relatively recent mods include replacing the mirror/indicator units for seperate ones. After another three figure bill just to replace broken lenses (and have a spare pair) I got fed up with damaging them even when it’s a relatively minor incident - like falling over when the side-stand bolt sheared. The flashers are now flush mounted in the screen, and a pair of cheapo Chinese mirrors give a better view and for £30 a pair can be thrown in the bin when damaged.
The originals have been repaired and resprayed at the same time, and are now in a box waiting for me to change my mind again.
And an upgrade to four piston Brembo’s (off a 250 Aprilia) makes it stop better too.
brakes (4)-med.JPG

To replace the pics that have mysteriously disappeared!

And this was the Cadwell picture.