Spaggy's Paso (No2)

This is my TT week bike, which stays in the Isle of Man - usually.
A much modded 906 put together by Matt Lawson, and I bought it off him after he went AWOL from North Lincs and decamped to the IoM.

And the only time in recent history that both Paso’s have actually met.

Hmmmmm not for me…

No taste… that’s your trouble Kev.

I’m convinced it’s a treatable condition Spaggy!

If it truly is a condition ,I must have it too :open_mouth:


That’s not a Paso - it’s a 907. :confused:
This is a Paso

My two Pasos finally got to meet each other again this weekend, and these photos illustrate well two variations on a theme.
Paso Twins (20) (Custom).JPG
I kept as much of the standard bike as I could, just lengthening the swinging arm and using taller tyres to get the wheel sizes pretty close to a 17" overall diameter. The 4-piston Brembos and mirror/indicator mods are more recent additions.
Paso Twins (33) (Custom).JPG
Matt (who built the “904 Testanera”) went all out with a 907 rear end, 17" wheels, Harrison 6-pot calipers, Termis, a Corbin seat and a rather different paint job.

I like 'em both. They were again separated shortly afterwards to prevent inbreeding.

To replace the pic that has mysteriously disappeared!

To replace the pic that has mysteriously disappeared! Again…