Spaggy's Proto-Strada

OK, it’s really a Gran Canyon in disguise, but to me it’s my Proto-Strada.[attachment=1]DK-GC900 (13).JPG[/attachment]
Recently acquired 'cos I haven’t got anything else like it, and it was cheap.[attachment=2]DK-GC900 (10).JPG[/attachment]
Now I really have run out of room in the garage![attachment=0]DK-GC900 (6).JPG[/attachment]
It needed a bit of work to free up some sticky calipers (bloody sliding pin Nissins) and to add some luggage capacity with the rack and box, but I’m struggling with a tank bag 'cos of the plastic panels and Baglux don’t do a cover for it.
It also needs something at the not loud enough end to let the injected 900SS engine breathe a bit. Anyone know of some rorty pipes?

Nice one! :smiley:

Nice bike that, we all know the Elefant was the real proto Strada though, especially Roy Armstrongs with a 916 SPS motor

I was thinking more Puppystrada! :smiley:
Seemed to go well at the weekend Spaggy!


To replace the pic that has mysteriously disappeared!
And I still reckon it looks better then the UglyStrada.