The Dodge Caliber forum i am in is very similar to this, but has spell check as well.

Any chance?


PS nice Forum anyway!

Absolutely no *@&%ing chance mate. You’ll just have to get Barbara to do your typing for you!

Oh bugger! :blush:

Dodge Caliber :unamused: ???

We’ll have to start calling you Binky from now on :laughing:

Why not just write your post in outlook, then spell check it, then cut and paste into the forum. :bulb:

It aint cute!

My speeling is as bad as the next. However, I use Mozilla Firefox as my internet reader. This has a spell checker built into it that underlines anything misspelt in red that you type in. And Firefox is free as well so you can’t say fairer than that. :stuck_out_tongue: (BTW Firefox comes up as a spelling error on Firefox! Doh!)

Or, type into ms word, correct then cut and paste into the forum. Smargh-tass.