Spring Heads

Hi I am not sure if this is the correct section to put this on or should it be on the tec section? But never mind I am interested in getting a project. A bevel is just one of my ideas, Made in Itialy have a project that they say has not run (probably it’s got a noisey engine) but it’s a desmo but has springer heads fitted. Can this work? why would it have been done? is it worth further investigation? Any input will be helpfull. Thanks. Mick M

Hi Mick,

Ah ha, this would be the Darmah that John is advertising …

Yeh, you can fit spring heads in place of desmos. Why might someone do it, you ask ? Well, so they can scavange the Desmo head(s) to go on something else, perhaps …

Looking at the bike, I think John’s description is about right - ‘a donor bike if you want to make a special’. Speaking personally, if I was looking for a bike to restore, I’d look for something more original.

What’s your plan?



Hi Craig Thanks for that I’ve looked at the Ebay 350 but I am after somthing that won’t be lost underneeth me ie a v-twin.I don’t realy have a plan as yet. But I think that a twin would keep me ocupied in a rebuild for some time! yes and at a cost. It’s just they have something about them. I am in no rush so when the right bike comes allong i’ll have a look.Meanwhile i’ll just keep looking! Ta Mick