St 2

Hey, I’ve just become the proud owner of a 99 st2. Lovely bike and lovely sound (clutch excluded) just have an issue with lights which seem a tad dull and the lcd screen which doesn’t work. Oh yes the fuel light is always on as well. Having owned Jap bikes for the last 20yrs I was wondering if these are common, easily fixed faults? Any advice would be appreciated, cheers Lee

Welcome. ST2 great bike. I owned one until Feb this year. The lights on mine were OK but not the best. Not sure about other issues you have, but I had mine for 6 years and was very reliable and a great bike for touring or the twisties.

Not quite sure what is going on, however multipul issues like you state are generally down to poor earth return, Follow the wiring from the battery, and ensure that all connections to the frame / engine headlight shell etc, are spotlessly clean, (and will lubricated with silicon grease.) My ST2 lights are OK, however certainly not brilliant

The ST2, ST4 and ST4s all benefit from the Ducati Designs headlight upgrade. These are no longer made and I just sold one on ebay for over £300 as they very rarely come up for sale.

A HID conversion on the low beam helps.

Hi, agree with the comments about how good the st2 is. Love mine to bits.
As for the headlight, that are a bit pants (especially on a tourer). I use osram nightbreakers in mine now which is a significant improvement over normal halogen.

that’s a good tip, Richy

I’ll be trying the cree led type, but doubt they’ll be better than the nightbreakers :wink: