ST 4 S timing bearings?

I wonder if some kind and knowledgeable soul out there has the SKF no’s for the timing belt pulley bearings ??

I guess there the same as the 916 , 748 , 848 . I’l let you know when I get home in a bit

Thanks Brian ! I’m assuming they’re different , nobody tells you ? But one supplier has said to check the side covers on the heads for 5 bolts or 4 so presumably there are different bearings depending on which you have ?

When you say pully bearings do you mean the 2 external ones on each belt .
The cam belt adjustment one and its partner ?
Sorry just confirming.

Yes timing / cam belt bearings , just heard from Exact dealers in York that it is apparently the kit they have advertised on eBay , so I have now ordered them . Thank you very much for being so helpful , I must remember to take a note of the SKF no’s on each type as I believe there are slight variations , we shall see !!?

Thats who I use mate . Let me know the No’s as I have the bearings for a 748 sitting on the shelf so we can see .
I think there 6002 but I’m probably wrong lol

All the Desmoquatro motors use the same bearings.
But the outer diameter of the tensioning pullies differs between some models, they’re colour coded to show the differences.

Steve R

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I’ll try to remember to get back to you , off on hols next week so if you want you can give me a nudge later we can compare no’s . Be back about 15th Brian .

Hello Mr R , cheers for joining us , I have a local mechanic who will set it up , I’ll tell him about the colour coding but I expect he’ ll do his homework as he has Ducati owning mates he is consulting .

It’s not something your average Ducati mechanic/owner would know chap.
It’s more something that tuners/race engine builders or those who build “stroker” or “Big Bore” motors would have found out.
When building these sort of motors it can be the case that you run out of adjustment on the tensioners, bringing the need for larger or smaller rollers.
Ducati make 2 or 3 different size rollers but anything outside of those leads to the need to make your own.

If your only rebuilding a standard motor with OEM parts you most probably won’t run into this problem.

Steve R

If you have a fella stripping the bike for you alls you have to do is measure the internal +external +width of the bearing and there a c3 which is the tolerance in the bearing and you have you’re answer