ST genuine mirrors and under seat Upadlock

anyone got any for sale?
mirrors can be any colour but preferably silver

Im going to be changing my mirrors cos they are pants. Ive put new springs in and they still boing about when trotting on.
The one keeps pinging off too, so I’ll have some quality folding ones fitted.
Not got a u-lock either :frowning:

ok ill have your original mirrors if your selling
much you looking for them?

Sorry , im hanging on to them. I keep all the og stuff if I take it off.
Theres usually a few kicking around on ebay though.
My st is silver too, ive only seen two in that colour.
I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a pair.

Richy must be something wrong with set up with your mirrors as there is nothing wrong with mine

C ya soon

where the springs hook on to the ally baseplate is worn. so they ping off. :frowning:
might of sorted it with a biy of jiggery pokery (and chemical metal) so i’ll see how they go.