ST2 cut out why riding along

Hi everyone
I was out riding today, the sun was out and I had that glad to be alive feeling and then … I was walking. My ST2 cut out and coasted to a stop. It had been riding normally until then, and was fully warmed up. The bike has petrol in, turns over ok but does not fire. Is there any known problems or areas that I should be looking at. I’m not looking for indepth walk throughs - but some pointers if possible.

Hi Mark,

1st point of call would be to see if the plugs are wet and check for a spark.
If it just cut out, it does sound electrical, but
post your findings and we can take it from there.

I had a similar experience a year ago.
It was a blocked fuel filter.

Thanks both - I’ll check your suggestions out at the weekend!

Check fuses & relays. The fault you describe could have dozens of causes, from dead simple to very expensive. Be methodical & you should get there.