ST2 headlamp MOT advisory 3/ 2 /12

Today I took my ‘R’ reg 1997 Ducati ST2 for MOT and it nearly FAILED on headlamp light spread! In short its a grey import from 1997 and has always been in the UK BUT the MOT tester pointed out it has a euro headlamp ( its got a Km speedo too) and despite never having had an advisory in all its history an MOT failure loomed! :frowning: Only by applying a load of duct tape to the lens did I manage a ‘PASS’ :bulb:
Are there any quick fixes for the beam alignment or do I need to fit a UK headlamp :wink:

Any body got one knocking about out there ?


Magwa :sunglasses:

Hi I had the same with my ST. You can’t change the angle on the euro light as far as I know. I kept applying the tape when MOT time came whilst looking for one on ebay etc. Got one for £25 eventually. Still got the euro one. if anyone emigrating.

I got the light deflector insert from another forum member, just gotta find the time to change it over
Its just a small piece of shaped metal that fits inside the main headlamp nacelle