ST2 LCD saying "LO" even when hot

Hi I am a Newbie here having just bought a lovely 1998 ST2 which has been looked after and had a lot of work done to it, The Question is the bike starts straight away no problem, the LCD screen works fine the only thing is it doesn’t change from “LO” even when hot, is this a problem with temp sensor or something else and how to fix it. Thanks

This sounds like a sensor but would need to be diagnosed properly

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First I would check the dash and the temp sensors are all connected. If all looks good then it is possible to test the sensor as each cylinder has a temp sensor. The horizontal sends it input to the display, the vertical to the ECU. One way to determine if the horizontal sensor, or its wiring, is broken is to swap the sensor plugs from the horizontal sensor to the vertical and vice versa. You may need to cut some cable ties. You may also have to remove the connectors from the horn as on mine (a later model ST2 so it may be different) the horizontal sensor cable and the horn cable were bound together in a shroud.

I would not ride it like this as swapping puts the wires at odd angles but as a test of the sensor it is fine.

Another possibility is to remove the horizontal sensor plug and connect a multi-meter in resistance mode across the two sensor pins. The resistance of a healthy sensor reduces as it heats up.

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thanks for the help :fist_right: :fist_left: :+1: