ST2 rear brake is pants..mods??

Hey guys,

Now I’ve spent more time with my ST2 I’m learning it’s strengths & weakness’s, so weakness’s for me start with the rear brake, I may as well be made of cheese with the amount of force it applies.

The garage I brought it from said they had rebuilt the rear brake as they thought it was a little ‘squidgy’.

So, do you guys have the same issue with your ST2/4, have you made any mods that have made a difference?

Any help / guidance would be massively appreciated as filtering is a not much fun with crap rear brake when you get to the slow stuff



Can’t say I’ve had a problem with mine, seams to work ok. Put fresh fluid in regularly and bleed well.Just put new pads in as worn down to the metal, nearly. Had enough power to get rear end around so don’t think its that poor.

[size=150]Had no problem with mine. brake light switch has stuck in so don’t have brake light when I use the rear brake only. But as long as I remember that when I have something close behind that fine, doesn’t happen often. Must fix it soon MOT next month!

Sorry not much help, great bike though enjoy.

Thanks fella’s, well if you guys aren’t having any problems then I may need to start looking through the rear braking system bit by bit, I’ve never really touched brakes before so hopefully I won’t bugger it up, I guess at least it’s the back brake rather than front so a little more room for error…haynes manual should do the trick.



I needed to replace the brake cylinder the other year as couldn’t bleed it correctly. Fine again now.