st2 reg/rec

mine has packed up. whats peoples opinions on getting another genuine one, an electrex one or other mods?
thanks folks.

I have an Electrex on my ST2 and on my M750 Monster. Both are fine.

I bought a genuine reg/rect and after many miles that went faulty also. I bought an electrex and that was ok but cable to generator was too short so they upgraded and sent me another. This set fire to my wiring loom around headlight. The next one I got as a replacement for that one has been fine.
Make sure when you fit the reg/rect ensure base and mounting area is spotlessly clean and you use conducting grease between the the faces

Cheers steve.

Latest electrex stops charging below 1800 RPM and charge light comes on. Tim has same problem. Sent back and electrex says its ok but still does it. Reported problem to them so watch this space