ST2 ST4 Top Box and Mounting Plate Wanted

Hello fellow members,

I am desperately looking for an original mounting plate and top box (or possibly even just the mounting plate) for my 2003 ST2 (944)

I have the official original panniers and thus all other options (Givi etc) will not work. Only the original official top box and mountings will work with the panniers.

OR does anybody know of a topbox and mounting that I can use with the original panniers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I am not sure if Ducati made a rack for a topbox.
Here is a link to a GIVI type on discount? … e-Shopping

Good luck

They did make one, it was produced by Nonfango who have since gone bust. I have seen the plate myself on other Ducati ST2/4s I’ve come across, I just can’t seem to be able to get one for myself.

Thanks for that link by the way but unfortunately it isn’t compatible - the Givi style clashes with the OEM panniers as the pannier itself sits in the space that the arms are in the picture on that link

Bought an ST4 last year, 2000/01 bike, and it came complete with the Ducati pannier set - and a Givi topbox ‘Monorack’.
I don’t have access to the bike at the moment but a couple of pics I have of it show, as far as I can tell, that this rack is the same as the one shown in the link from dtanglewood. It shares the same mounting points as the Ducati panniers rack but does not interfere with them.

Currently fitted with a Monolock plate which, thanks to the link, I now know can be swapped for a Monokey version (which will allow me to fit a more substantial topbox at some point - currently got a rather battered Monolock type on it).

Now, if I could only work out how to post those pics…


Here is a link to YouTube which features the assemly of a rack and side pannier frames without luggage.
I have also seen advertised a Ventura system for ST2.
Good luck