ST2 Wheels?

[size=150]Hi, I am asking for any help and advise you could give.
Pat, from the Cornwall branch, would like to change the wheel on his ST2 (I think it’s 2003), to lighter ones. Does anyone know what would fit or could be adapted to fit. Pat is in engineering and could easily make up spacers etc.

Regards Guy. [/size]

Hi Guy,
Is the lad looking for lighter standard Ducati wheels?
Which ones did his ST2 have fitted as standard?
Or is he (probably a very stupid question here, as he’s from the Cornish branch) prepared to put his hand in his pocket and lash out for some exotic wheels?

From memory here the early ST2’s had 3 spoke alloy Brembo’s which’re pretty heavy, later models had the lighter 3 spoke Brembo’s that were fitted to the 748/916’s, then even lighter 5 spoke alloy Marchesisni’s (which were actually made by Brembo), after that you’re looking at finding genuine Magnesium 5 spoke Marchesini’s from a top of the range SPS/R model Ducati’s.
Or go down the extremely expensive aftermarket route, of Dymag, Marvic, PVM, Marchesini etc…

Steve R

Try the ST4S wheels from the earlier (2001-3) model they are the lightweight Marchessini (is that how you spell it) wheels