ST3 Clutch

I am having an obscure problem with the clutch of my ST3
THe fluid reservoir keeps getting contaminated with fine black particles of something. I guess it must be a seal breaking up.
I have changed the reservoir and the seal that fits it to the clutch lever body and fitted a new clutch line.
Ducati dealer tells me that there is no system overhaul kit to replace any other seals .Also the parts manual shows no other seals .I have repeatedly flushed the system through.
The clutch works fine but as I am going on a 10 day trip to Europe next month I want to get to the bottom of this.
There must be a seal in the clutch lever body and in the slave cylinder I would think.
Any solutions or ideas would be appreciated
Thanks Philip Boobyer

It’s not an obscure problem, pretty much all older Ducati slaves do the same thing, my Monster goes black even with a V2 Slave fitted, it’s probably something to do with the chain being so close?
Ducati used to do a seal kit for the slaves at about £25, but now it includes the pushrod and bearing at about £105 so it’s better to replace the whole slave with an new Oberon, they’re much better made.

Kevin, thanks for that I will look into this Oberon thing, I thought he was a fairy in MidSummers Night Dream !
Different bloke I guess.Regards Philip

The fluid always goes black, in fact on the old Ducatisti forum someone posted a thread asking for guesses of how long it would take from new to black! If it works as it should I wouldn’t worry.

The fluid goes black unless you go for an after market like Oberon, which is a very good piece of kit btw.

Thanks to all your info. The DOC members are always great. I think I will call Oberon and check out what they have to say. I have looked at their
website and their kit certainly looks top quality. Philip Boobyer

I’ve run a MPL slave cylinder and Teflon lined braided hose for several years on my 851…and the fluid doesn’t turn black.
I do renew the brake and clutch fluid every year though.

Steve R

i run an oberon one on my st, much better and the fluid stays clean too.