ST3 instrument display problem

Hi my name is Steve and I live on the Surrey/Hants border ( near the A3 tunnel, for anyone near here ). I have just returned to the Ducati fold having just bought a tired 20,000 mile ST3 which had not been used for a few years. Needed a bit of work which was done by Moto Rapido, and many thanks to them. I have an issue with the display not showing some of the information. This is quite old now, but for those with long memories it has two large buttons pressing B lets you scroll through the options, range,trip,average speed etc and reset them. Mine doesn’t do that. Pressing B just displays the ODO. The other functions work, it displays speed and fuel gauge etc. The display was changed about 2000 miles ago and as far as I know these features have never worked but I cant verify that. What I was interested in is there a “reset” procedure that anyone knows just in case it’s a simple fix, before I get more complicated. Any advice welcome. Steve.