ST3 or ST4

Hi All,

Rather new to the boards here, I am seriously thinking about purchasing an ST but cannot decide between the 3 or the 4, I am looking to commute each day (22 miles total) and use for ServHampshire which is a blood delivery charity.

What is the main differences between the 3 & the 4. My current bike is a Suzuki RF 900 which is a sports tourer.

Any guidance would be gratefully received.

There are people on here with more info on these than me, the 3 has three valves and the 4 is either the 916 or 996 depending whether it is an S or not, the three was the later model and was the one that ended the run, diffeent lamps and clocks.

I am not sure which one is best if there is a best.

Thanks Martyn.

There is a VERY nice ST2 ( 944cc) for sale on the UKGSER website ( nothing to do with me) and this bike is well known off the ducasti site and fully sorted. a FSH, 26,000miles sorted machine that looks pretty mint to me :wink: from the pictures
just a thought :exclamation:
the same seller has another 748 for sale on another site … c9034.html
I think the guy is very tall and decided its too small for him


More than powerful enough for your commute and a lot cheaper ( i know as i already have one)
see here for link
these are pictures from the advert

Its up at £1670 firm

Its for sale in crawley area

I have just got wind of a nice ST4s for sale Manchester way, I MOT’s it October time, very nice, Y plate 2k I think.

have to say ive bought an st2, and to say im chuffed is a huge understatment. comfy, plenty of ooomph and good on the old go go juice so no need to panic buy your petrol.
good on those long club runs, where the 916 stays tucked up in the garage. :smiley:

I believe there may be an ST4S with ABS for sale shortly in the Cheshire area. Let me know if you re interested.

I have had a ST3 for two years. It is a wonderful bike . There is nothing about it that I can fault. I do a few track days ,tours in Europe as well as local trips and group ride outs. I am told the 3 valve motors are well regarded and sought after.The bike is very comfortable, you can actually see in the mirrors and it has plenty of power.Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, Philip Boobyer