ST3 saddle

On my recent trip to Lands End via Exmoor and Dartmoor, I took a little tumble on loose gravel and I fell off the bike. No damage to me or the bike, except the saddle also came off with me. This has never happened before on any bike I’ve owned and I ask Forum members with ST’s or other similar Ducati’s, have they experienced anything like this happening to them?
Dave Hughes

I seem to remember that Clive’s ST3’s saddle doesn’t quite fit right, is it an aftermarket one or the Ducati standard?

Thanks for the interest Kevin. No, the saddle is the bog-standard Ducati.

I* have two seats for my ST2. I bourght the second one to cut it down as the bike was a bit too tall for me.
Both fit snug and tight

Sorry for the late reply, the only instance I have ever heard of was a Monster, the reason being it had not been put on correctly, the locating lugs on the front were not underneath the metal loops on the bike but resting on top, not suggesting you don’t know how to put a seat on but it’s worth a check, I always pull mine upwards to check. Now the Paso !! The push lock from the rear of the bike is not quite long enough to secure properly, I had a 1 mph off a few weeks ago and the same thing happened !! Need to make a plate to extend the lock .

I found it is possible to fit the saddle so that it seems fine but it does not quite hook under the front fixing. Maybe this was the case.
Hope this helps