I have just got my first Ducati.It is a 2005 ST3 and of course i love it. I am just getting used to it . I have a question for other ST 3 riders please. It has been serviced, belts changed and checked over by a specilist so is in good shape. At about 3,000 -3,500 rpm in any gear, if I am trying to hold a steady speed in traffic it feels as if the engine is not running perfectly cleanly, not a missfire, just a slight irregularity.Is this normal ? Also from what engine speed should i expect it to pull cleanly using a light throttle ? Your comments would be really appreciated Philip

Hi Phil.

Speaking as an ST4S rider I have no problem with constant speeds in the rev range you say. Pulling cleanly away from 3000 revs should be fine except in top gear when you need to be pulling higher revs because of the higher gearing on these models.


Hi Philip,
Not having rode an ST3 I can’t give a clear answer, but on all of my Ducati’s 3-3,500rpm is somewhere you pass through on the way to selecting 2nd gear.
I know that the ST range are basically touring bikes and that the ST3 in particular has a very heavy flywheel* to dampen/smooth out the engine pulses, but they’re not BMW Boxer twins or Honda Glodwings.
If the motors not totally happy at those revs then drop a gear and ride it at slightly higher revs.
You could also lower the overall gearing to make it easier to ride at lower speeds in town etc, a lot of people fit a 14th gearbox sprocket, but I favour going up 2 or 3th (or more) on the rear sprocket as IMO it gives the chain an easier life.

Most Ducati’s are grossly overgeared as standard, it helps them pass the noise test for homologation. :wink:
Lowering the overall gearing won’t make the bike use more fuel, (although in theory it should) as it gives the motor an easier time.

A mate of mine has a tuned ST3 motor (118rwbhp/ST4S power and some!) fitted into a 900SL, so I’ve actually seen/held in my hand a ST3 flywheel and it would make a very good anchor for a fair sized boat, it’s waaaaay heavier than anything else I’ve seen fitted to a Ducati before.

Steve R

I object to the ST being called basically a touring bike. It is a sports bike that you can go touring on. Vastly underated mine now having just done £77K.

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