ST4 S Spares required after accident

Hi all , long time no speakee ! I have an exceedingly grabby front brake , this has resulted in a couple of fairly low speed connections with yon tarmac ! Result has been of late , one scratched n/s mirror stem but also ā€œ wipe out ā€œ for the shiny red mirror cowl/ cover , also the silver transfer / logo on the n/s fairing :sob:. Does anyone have a contact number or details of a go to dealer for spares ? Also info about less grabby pads ? Does DOC have anything?? In the way of relevant spares . Thanks in advance :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Bigseven .
Cant help with any spares Iā€™m afraid , but I find craig and Luke great fellas at Motorapido.
Regards Brian

Thanks for the info Brian , safe riding :+1:

They are honestly nice people. I want go anywhere else .