ST4S not starting.

Supposed to have it at on the club stand at the BMF this weekend, but have this problem. Your input welcomed…

It wont start. Initialy it was intermittant, on monday it started fine from cold, then after I shut it down to keep the neibour on night shift happy it would have none of it. It occasionalaly tries to run for a second or two but then stops. Reading the internet it is a classic ECU problem, particularly on the 2002 model. I plugged my laptop with Ducatidiag in and this showed faults on just about everything - which shouts ECU at me, as all the sensors are not going to fail at the same time, and apart from anything else, they all say what you would expect them to say when interogated by the Ducatidiag (Not that I am an expert, but the air pressure was about the BBC weather said it should be and so was the temperature) Using Ducatidiag I test fired the injectors one at a time. The rear one nicely clicked every second and a fine spray of petrol appeared in the throttle body, the front one did nothing. Changing the wires over moved the fault round, so the injectors are OK- it is the feed to the front one (Or to be precise the earth return as they share the same feed) The switched earth return to the injectors comes directly from the ECU. The injection relay, according to the wiring schematic I have feeds both injectors and coils, with the ECU dealing with the earth returns, so as one injector works I reckon this is OK. I’m going to bell out the wire between the ECU and the injector in desperation (yes I have checked and cleaned the connections!)

It sounds to me like you’ve already answered your question Kieth, don’t you know someone local with a (IIRC 1.6M?) ecu you could fit to see if the problem goes away?
I think around £100 will get you a working one off E-Bay.

Steve R