ST4S with a 1098 engine in please......

Hi to any fellow ST4s owners. I’m on my second one. 20k on the first, 25k so on this one. Great bikes in my view. carry my wife and I all over.

I wish Ducati still made them. A ST4S with a 1098 engine in please…


PS. plus some electronically adjustable suspension like the BMW also…

Me again, took the ST4s for a canter today. Almost a spring like day in Wiltshire. Magic. Gave her good wash down afterwards, to try and keep any salt at bay.

role on spring.

What great bikes these are…

phil r :smiley:

I have my 2001 4S out every week, effectionally called “Red Bitch 1”, and if one was made with the 1098 engine on board I would have to have one. As already said, what great bikes these are.

Up in Scotland on her 1st weekend in March.

At last, another ST4s owner. Respect if you use yours every week. I tend to steer clear of the worst weather now if I can. Especially this week when brass mokeys have kept a low profile. Hope to fit a trip in, down to the Dordogne in Easter week. That should blow a few cob webs away.

Three tech type tips for other owners.

When a bought the bike I fitted a Vetura carrier. very good bit of kit, fits better that the standard Ducati one I had on my previous bike (an eraly model ST4s), very strong ( I do abuse it) and it looks better than the slab of pastic that Ducati supply. Pannier frames fit ok as well.

And tyres. Came standard with Michelin Pilot Sport tyres, which are very good, especially in very hot climes. Not so good on cold British roads. Only get about 2.5k mile out of a rear though, so I tried the new duel compound Michelins. excelent, warm up quicker and I have got 4k miles out of this one, with a bit more to go. I’m sold.

Getting at the batery is a b*******d. When you get it serviced, get them to pop on a cable for a trickle chareger. ( I have an Oxford one). Then charging if necessary is a breeze. Even then Battery only lasted 3 years before needing to be replaced.

One Safety tip. Service before last, my dealer managed to wrongly route the rear petrol pipe so that it was too close to the rear exhasut. I didn’t know this until my wife and i were basting along a Spanish motorway, far too fast as it happans. First strange thing, my foot slipped of the peg, second strage thing, fuel light came on after only about 70 miles. then the bike cut out. It had dumped half a tank of fuel over very hot exhasut through the hole burnt in the pipe. God was with us, no fire, no crash and we rolled into a petrol station. He obviuosly rides a Ducati.

We laugh about it now!

Check yours and cable tie it well away from the exhaust.

Chhers all, Phil