Stafford Bike Show

I am delighted to say that we won the award for best none Japanese club stand at Stafford, it is not why we do events and shows but it is a very nice thing to have. Well done to Kevin Baker and all the helpers and of course everybody that had their bike on show.

Sorry lads but without pictures it didn’t happen… :laughing:
Did anyone bump into Steve Bailey aka duc904red on the forums also “Mr” BBB Fabrications?
He took up the Mk1 (1st one made here in the UK) 888 Ducati frame*, it was TIG welded and made from CDS, (IIRC?) but he can also make lightweight Chrome/moly’, Sif Bronze welded ones…Now all I’ve got to do is sell a kidney. :open_mouth:

*They come with a “Certificate of Newness” for registration purposes, the guy doing the welding is a registered motorcycle manufacturer.

Steve R

All being well, there will be a report in the next Desmo, Mr R :wink:

Pics will be in Desmo Steve, yes, we let Steve to put one of his frames on the stand, nice work, but what about the poor Monster he killed in the process! :slight_smile:

It was a mercy killing Kev… :wink:
It pails into insignificance compared with the amount of Darmah’s that have been killed to build Bevel SS or NCR style specials.
I know of a well known dealer that used to buy blown up ones, just to get hold of the log book and engine cases/main castings.

Steve R

…Oh the humanity!