Starter lead upgrade

Has anyone upgraded the starter battery leads if so was it worth doing. I have the dvt multistrada and would like to speed up the slow starting performance.

I upgraded the starter leads and battery leads on a high compression, big bore, big valve 980cc Monster engine that I put in a 1986 Cagiva 530/650 Elefant frame.
I no longer have the bike but I recall changing out the cables from 6sqmm CSA (Cross Sectional Area) to 10sqmm, and fitting the largest CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) battery that would fit in the available space. Result = fast, strong starting.
Assuming your starter isn’t faulty/knackered then just changing out the cables may help.
Tony Jessop

Thanks Tony

I upgraded the leads to the higher output and the starting has improved I’d say it’s stronger and quicker.