Starter Motor Problem

Hi, Has anyone replaced a starter motor on an ST2. The Brushes need replacing on mine. I am hoping to do it without removing starter motor. What do you think!?
Don’t really want to have to take LH Side casing off, for one thing it seems a lot of work and for another I don’t have a side case puller tool which you seem to need to remove it.

Cheers Guy

It can be very fiddly but what you got to loose. I managed to do it, if you dont manage then you will be taking cover off anyway.

Took the brushes out of my 916 on the IOM once with very few tools. Cleaned up the comm and bent the springs a bit to make em last till I got home. Then put new ones in without taking the starter or casing off.
The only thing in the way on the 916 were the oil cooler pipes but I only needed to disconnect them and there’s minimal spillage if you keep them pointing upwards.

I made a little puller for drawing the casing off my '94 900SS and will post it to you if you need to go that route.

Brushes arrived today for ST2, so we will see what I can do the weekend. As you say if it don’t work I’ll just have to try something else.

Can’t believe I seem to have a problem with starter motor on the Monster now! I can get it to start, but if it doesn’t turn over when press starter, if I put it in gear and turn the engine over a couple of jolts it will then start, I take it one of the bars on the starter motor has failed and if it stops in that position it doesn’t start. Unless anyone else has a better idea. I need to keep one of them running or I can’t get to work!!

Keep smiling:)

Cheers for help, Guy

ST2 brushes fitted and it started:) It wasn’t easy getting brushes in without removing starter motor, but it was worth the effort, saved taking the engine casing off.

While I’ve got the fairing off I’m going to change oil filter, oil, belts, plugs, air filter, fuel filter and check valves!!

Cheers for advise,

ST2 service today, which will be ongoing this week. I changed the belts and checked the valve clearances. which is where I need your help:- I think they are all within tolerance, can someone confirm I’m right. Vertical head; Exhaust, Opening 0.15 Closing 0.20. Inlet, Opening 0.10 Closing 0.20. Horizontal head; Exhaust, Opening 0.15 Closing 0.20. Inlet, Opening 0.15 Closing 0.20.
Hope you can help. I have only ever checked clearances, on my Monster and ST2, if I ever have to adjust them that will be where I start to panic!

Guy, the workshop manual says that up to 0.20mm for the inlet and exhaust closing rocker arm is OK. Up to 0.12mm for the inlet opening rocker arm is OK and up to 0.15mm for the exhaust opening rocker.
I’m only reading this out of the book and am happy to copy and send the page if it helps cause it does go into more detail about the range that is allowed.