starter motor

just been out to start my bike to keep things ‘ticking over’ the starter made a strange noise like it was struggling then stopped.
all i get is a clicking sound from solenoid, battery is fine , i have tried putting a screwdriver over the two solenoid nuts but made no difference.
i have a nasty feeling the starter is knackered, can they be fixed or do you have to buy new one? :frowning:

Taking the starter off means you have to remove the alternator side casing, because the retaining bolts are behind it.
However, on air cooled bikes you can do this without dropping the oil if you can safely lean over it against the garage wall.
However, you can remove the two bolts that hold the starter together and remove the end cap to inspect + clean/replace the brushes and clean the commutator. I know this because I did it on my 916 at the TT last year. Pulled into Ramsey for petrol, Bike would not start again. It would bump start fine, but even a jump power pack connected direct to the starter would not turn it over.

So check your brushes and comm first.
Give me a ring if you want to talk through it.


thanks for advice steve will check it out. want to get it fixed before friday though, got the Horsham run and dont want to let jilly down!

I used these guys when my ST2 one went u/s. Rebuilt starter motor and even rewound it. I think it is now stronger than original possibly due to better wire/insulation. It was also cheaper than a new one

thanks for that, its times like this you realise how cool this club is. :sunglasses:

Having suffered with the same prob not two months back, I spent an extra £15 on a new solenoid (chinese copy job, and needs new connectors soldering on, but at £8!!!) ) and thicker cables between battery and starter motor - without doubt the best £’s you can spend on the bike. Difference in turning the motor over is amazing.

apparentaly i have a bent armature which is causing it to stick, quick tap with a screwdriver seems to sort it.
all i have to do now is drill a hole in the fairing ,mount some brackets to hold the screwdriver in place and hey presto problem solved! :unamused: